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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2001.084.001 Halitzah Shoe       1792-March 21,1792
2001.103.001 Omer Counter        
2001.251.001 Rimonim     NYC, New York  
2003.001.010 Subscription List for Donors Subscription List (for first synagogue building)     April 30, 1788
2003.001.018 William Strickland Architectual Drawing "The Jew's Synagogue Cherry Street" designed by William Strickland     1824 is when the building was completed. Date of
2008.058.002 Circular Call for Jewish Union Circular      
2012.03.016.1 Resolution for the Federation of Jewish Resolution for the Federation of Jewish Charities      
2012.04.001 Spruce St. Expansion Plans Spruce St Expansion Plan      
2012.05.001 Lottery Lottery scheme for the benefit of the Congregation      

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