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Letter from George Washington in response to Mikveh Israel's letter of congratulations.

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Collection IONPresidential Letters
Creator George Washington
Abstract Letter of congratulations to George Washington for being sworn in as the first President of the United States from the Hebrew congregations in Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, and Richmond in 1790. Washington's letter of reply to the aforementioned cities. Reproductions stored with other Historic Reproductions in Iron Mountain.

TRANSCRIPTION of Washington's Reply:

"To the Hebrew Congregations in the Cities of Philadelphia, New York, Charleson and Richmond.


The liberality of sentiment towards each other, which marks every political and religious denomination of men in this Country, stands unparalled in the history of Nation. The affection of such a people is a treasure beyond the reach of calculations; and the repeated proofs which my fellow Citizens have given of their attachment to me, and approbation of my doings, form the purest source of my temporal felicity. The affectionate expressions of your address again excite my graditude, and recieve my warmest acknowledgement.

The Power and Goodness of the Almighty were strongly manifested in the events of our late glorious revelution; and his kind interposition in our behalf has been no less visible in the establishment of our present equal Government. In war he directed the Sword; and in peace he has ruled in our Councils. My agency in both has been guided by the best intentions, and asense of the duty which I owe my country. And as my exertions have to been amply rewarded by the approbation of my fellow Citizens, I shall endeavour to deserve a continuance of it by my furtue conduct.

May the same temporal and eternal belssings which you implore for me, rest upon your Congregations.

G. Washington"
Object Name Historic Reproduction
Title Letter from George Washington in response to Mikveh Israel's letter of congratulations.
Images used courtesy of Congregation Mikveh Israel

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