Presidental Letters Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2002.009.001 Historic Reproduction Letter from George Washington in response to Mikveh Israel's letter of cong George Washington    
2003.002.001 Letter, Lincoln Lincoln's response to Mikveh Israel's condolences on his son Willie's death Abraham Lincoln   May 13, 1862
2012. Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Franklin D. Roosevelt's letter to Rabbi Neuman Franklin D. Roosevelt    
2012. Gerald Ford Letter Gerald Ford Letter to KKMI Gerald Ford    
2012. Regan Letter to KKMI Regan Letter to KKMI Ronald Regan    
2012. Bill Clinton Letter to KKMI Bill Clinton Letter to KKMI Bill Clinton    
2012.003.012.2 Wilson Presidental Letters Woodrow Wilson's letter to Mayer Sulzberger Woodrow Wilson    
2012.006.003 Taft Presidential Letters Collection of Letters from President Howard Taft to Mayer Sulzberger. Howard Taft    

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