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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2010.100.001 Painting Rev. Gershom Mendes Seixas Rosenthal, Albert (1863-1939)    
2010.100.002 Painting Rev. Sabato Morais Dantzig, Meyer Michael (1876-1939)    
2010.100.003 Painting Rev. Isaac Leeser Heller, Samuel S.    
2010.100.004 Painting Abraham Meyer Frechie Unknown    
2010.100.005 Painting Mauel Josephson Albert Rosenthal (1863-1939)    
2010.100.006 Painting Joseph Simon Cohen Unknown    
2010.100.007 Painting Horace Agustus Nathans Bechtel, David Benjamin    
2010.100.008 Painting Michael Gratz Williams, Isaac L.    
2010.100.020 Painting Miriam Simon Gratz Williams, Isaac L.    
2010.100.009 Painting Hyman Gratz Dantzig, Meyer    
2010.100.010 Painting Richea Meyers Cohen Gratz Unknown    
2010.100.011 Painting Rachel Gratz Moses Unknown    
2010.100.012 Painting Jonas Phillips David Benjamin Bechtel    
2010.100.013 Painting Isaac Hayes, MD Samuel Bell Waugh    
2010.100.014 Painting Esther Wasserman and Child William Thurston Black    
2010.100.016 Painting Daniel Solis Unknown    
2010.100.015 Painting Adolph Wasserman William Thurston Black    

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